Let Us Live – A Documentary Film on Road Traffic Accidents.

Nearly 400 people die in India, due to road traffic accidents. It’s like a terrorist barging into a market or school or airport, or railway station, or any public area and gunning down 400 innocent people, every single day!

Isn’t that horrendous?
France declared a state of emergency when terrorists attacked. Orlando has declared a state of emergency after the country’s worst mass shoot out. Both these incidents put together, do not add up to 400.

Life, in India, perhaps is not as revered as in France or USA.

Blatant violations of traffic rules, callous attitude of the lawmakers and the enforcement authorities are the reasons for this maniacal problem. Foundations after foundations, NGOs after NGOs, thousands of awareness programmes, have not been able to bring down the alarming statistics.

I came across an MNC that is working towards creating better awareness in this regard. They invite NGOs once a year and fund their awareness activities. The NGOs that apply for the funding, receive a generous funding of USD 500. I was told that their generosity leap frogged to USD 1000.

A pussy footed approach will only take you as far. What in the world can an NGO do with such miserly funding?

The SaveLife Foundation, a Delhi-based, independent, non-profit organisation working to improve road safety and emergency care across India, has said that the Planning Commission in a 2014 report had estimated that the annual cost of road crashes in India could be around 3% of GDP. According to the data released by the Central Statistical Organisation, the GDP for 2014-15 was Rs.126 lakh crore. Thus, the cost of road crashes would have amounted to Rs.3.8 lakh crore.

Doesn’t that choke you?
If that doesn’t, what will then?
This documentary film, is an honest, fire in the belly, attempt! The film captures the trauma an accident victim goes through long after the public has moved on to the next day’s news story of yet another terrible accident. Newspapers, TV Channels need new stories like we need freshly baked bread every day!

The tragedy that unfolds every time a person dies in a road accident or when severely injured, becomes no one’s concern. It’s nothing lesser than an air crash! Yet, 400 new families, go through hell, each single day, because, a prig decides to drive under the influence of alcohol or an idiot violates a traffic rule, or a moron zig zags his way caring a hoot about others on the road.

If you too feel, this menace needs to be addressed with greater intensity, if you too have the fire in the belly, join us. Or support us financially. Let us make a difference. Let us make Indian roads safer. Let us Live.

The film alone will not create the impact. This is why, we have an exhaustive plan to reach out to millions of people. A few common touch points we have identified include: Driver unions, Residential Complexes, IT Parks, Schools and Colleges. Wherever we screen the film, each and every viewer will be encouraged to take an oath to be safe on the road, by following a few simple rules. A plaque detailing simple rules, will be given, as a reminder, to make driving an enjoyable and safe experience.

Write to us about how you would like to involve yourself in the project. Reach us at info@sollunaproductions.com