Solluna Productions. What’s in this name?

Relatives. Friends. Colleagues. They all have sought my help in choosing a name for their babies. I too have enjoyed the process.

A few successful names later, once, hunting for a book written by John Stein Beck, I chanced upon a booklet: Choosing Baby Names. It’s now a lot easier to choose baby names.

In 2009, while working as a copywriter for a reputed advertising agency, I toyed with the idea of starting my own company. A production house to be precise.

Oh! I must reveal that the desire to start a production company was sown while I was in College. I had even doodled a logo. The first letter of my name and the first letter of then girlfriend’s name, forming the logo. Fortunately, we broke up!

The desire to start my own company didn’t!

Somehow, that’s the perfect word, the words SUN and MOON stuck on my mind. And I named my production house, Sunmoon Productions! Sunil, my colleague turned good friend, designed the logo for me.

After two years and as many sunrises and moonrises, I finally decided to wake up to the idea. The raison d'etre is my passion to make films that analyse the brighter and darker sides of every issue. That’s how I coined the word Solluna. Solar and Lunar put together.

Isn’t filmmaking a lot about several aspects coming together?

My friends who were inquisitive about the new name, further embellished it. "Oh that’s a nice name." "It's like Yin Yang." "It's like Perigee and Apogee." "It’s like Wabi and Sabi." "It's like Man and Woman" "It's like Good and Evil." You could go on and on.

It’s been five years, the passion to go on and on, hasn’t diminished at all!